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Our Services

The service we provide can be as comprehensive as your requirements. Special arrangements can be made to suit your business needs.

  • You submit the relevant information to an agreed schedule and we will ensure that your employees are paid on time every week/fortnight/month.
  • We will issue secure payslips for each employee according to statutory requirements, as well as copies for your file.
  • You will receive management payroll reports for each pay run – e.g. Gross to Net, Departmental Analysis, Company Analysis, Pension Summary (if required).
  • There will also be the Payment report - Cash, Cheque or EFT.
  • We will issue monthly statements of your PAYE/PRSI/USC/LPT obligations (P30 reports).
  • Each employee who leaves your company will receive their final payments and a P45 according to statutory requirements.
  • Based on the benefits you provide to your staff, we will calculate the relevant Benefit-In-Kind (company car, allowances etc.)
  • We can monitor your employees’ holidays and holiday pay.
  • We will deal with any queries you may have regarding your employees’ payslips, tax or payment queries.
  • We can also manage your employees’ pension and union contributions and provide them and you with supporting updates.
  • We can register as your Tax agent with the Revenue Commissioners and deal with the PAYE/PRSI/USC/LPT correspondence directly.
  • You may receive the processed payroll file for preview and approval before payment each pay run.
  • If your payroll is very large and complex, special employer telephone support may be offered and charged per hour.


professional payroll limited services


Year End Procedures

  • Following year end, each employee will be issued a P60 in accordance with statutory obligations.
  • We will process your company’s P35 report showing your yearly PAYE/PRSI/USC/LPT obligations.
  • We will also issue a P35L report showing annual payments and deductions made for each of your employees.
  • If your employees are just beginning work in Ireland we can assist them with 12A forms and getting registered for work in Ireland.
  • In order to complete your year-end obligations, we can also liaise with the Collector General on your behalf to ascertain whether you are compliant, or whether you have any outstanding debts with regard to P30 Returns etc.
  • We will also complete your P35 Declaration and submit it to the Collector General on your behalf, if you so wish.

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