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Welcome to Professional Payroll Services

Payroll Services Tailored to Suit You!

Professional Payroll Services Ltd. is one of Ireland’s specialised payroll outsourcing bureau, catering for companies of all industries and sizes since 2006. Our payroll services will assist you and your company to be more productive by providing you with reliable, comprehensive payroll management.

Together we will design the level of service that best suits your company’s payroll needs. Just let us know what would help and we will do the rest!

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide payroll services to employers who:

  • May be struggling to run a regular payroll for their staff due to the costs and time constraints of a busy, growing business.
  • Have discovered that it is increasingly demanding to stay abreast of budgetary and statutory changes.
  • Would like support in dealing with employee queries about: PAYE (tax), PRSI, USC, LPT, pensions, or benefit-in-kind etc.

We can offer a service that is not only personal and convenient, but which allows you to focus on your company’s primary function.

The Benefits to You

  • It saves you time and internal resources every week/month to focus on running your business.
  • You can be confident that your staff is paid accurately and on time by a qualified, experienced payroll practitioner.
  • We are registered Tax Agents, so we can submit your Revenue returns online on your behalf, giving you peace of mind and professional advice on how to retain tax compliance.
  • The confidentiality and security of your payroll information (including your management payroll) is preserved offsite.
  • You will not need regular in-service training or annual software updates to stay abreast of budgetary/legislative changes. You can rely on our expertise.
  • Efficiency and convenience of sending/emailing hours worked and receiving in return payslips and payroll reports by post/email.
  • Your staff can be paid by cheque or EFT (into their bank accounts).
  • Bespoke reporting and flexibility along with personal communication enhances the quality of our service to you.
  • Cost benefit of our annual service fee versus software maintenance fees, stationery costs and salary of wages clerk. This will be a great asset to the growth of your business.


PAYE Modernisation

Employers, as PAYE Modernisation fast approaches, important changes are about to happen to how payrolls are operated.
Click here to check out our guide on how to prepare and how PAYE modernisation is designed to work.